We are well into Unit 3 and worked on lessons 05 and 06 today. I love this whole unit because of the way the challenges are structured to provide just enough room to struggle and learn, without having any big sticking points. Students just start to help each other without any prompting from me and it’s the coolest thing to see!


We did the LEGO intro to programming from Unit 3, then went to p5.js and learned a few new tricks. We started with the goal of making a rainbow paintbrush like the one Kelly Lougheed did in her popular Medium post.


We finished our favicons and then had a kind of “catch up” day since the quarter ends this week. No Q1 exam this year which I think is great. We’ve done a lot of great work so far this year, looking forward to the rest! 😎


We learned about rgb color data and then made our own favicons. Not much time to write lately but I don’t want to fall behind on the blog so I’ll keep posting these short ones for now. 🙃


Finished up lesson 2 by writing heuristics for text compression and then trying them out on the examples. After that we went straight into lesson 3 on encoding a black and white image as a set of pixels. Interesting conversation about how we encoded pictures earlier as a set of coordinates and how this relates to vector graphics.


Made some fun things in p5.js after finishing up Lesson 02 from They are still going to do the extension part of he Lesson next class where they write a heuristic and then test out a classmates heuristic.

Gotta get better about taking pictures! Argh.


Today we finished the writing portion of our first practice PT (Lesson 14 The research organizer turned out to be a nice guide for them. We also looked at some examples of the Explore task from the college board exam site. Specifically we looked at the artifacts for the Explore task. I wanted them to see that we are practicing making artifacts for this final task.


Finished grade conferences today and worked on Lesson 13 as well. So they explored the dev tools in Chrome with several different types of sites. This activity is great for some kids because they really poke around and learn a lot about what’s there, but not so great for others who just look at a few things and then tune out.

Next class we start the first practice PT, the Internet and society.